The most favorable business conditions

Infrastructurally and communally equipped space, without VAT on energy for production and numerous other benefits

Who are we?

Free zone Priboj doo is a limited liability company that through of its bodies manages, performs technical, administrative, professional and other related tasks activities in the zone and performs services of common interest for all users independently, determines conditions under which the area of ​​the free zone is used for the performance of activities and prescribes measures special protection of the environment and working environment in the Priboj Free Zone.


Geographical position


Customs benefits


Fiscal and financial benefits


Benefits of local self-government



Investors are provided with the following infrastructure:

Owner: Industrial parks doo.Industrijski parkovi Priboj logo Email:
Water supply network (sanitary Ø 219 / industrial Ø 219)
Electric power capacities TS 110/35/10 KV
Optic cable
NPC 4C optic cable
Access road / Inner roads
Sewage network Ø 300


New user - RS Plast doo. Priboj - Rača


The free zone got a new user on August 18, 2022. by signing the user agreement....

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