Activities in free zones are diverse and all are approved, except those that threaten the environment or the security of the host country.

Storage of goods and repro materials is the simplest business activity in the zones. In free zones, warehousing includes various activities with and on goods, which distinguishes them from free warehouses. In the type of zones exclusively dealing with storage, different operations with goods are allowed. in addition to loading, unloading and transshipment, these are: packing, repackaging, filling, pouring, highlighting, dividing, disassembling, assembling, dividing, sorting, labeling and the like. In free zones, users are allowed to build their own warehouses and warehouses, in which the goods have a special customs and tax status and for which the retention period is not limited.

Re-export business implies the import of certain goods, which will be exported in a relatively short period of time. This foreign trade business makes it possible to buy goods in one market and sell them in another.

Refining - finishing, processing and processing of goods gives the zones a special attractiveness. Certain goods are imported into the free zone, where they are refined, processed and processed (or temporarily exported from the zone to the customs territory of the country and returned processed). The process of bringing out and refining products in a production facility outside the free zone enables the company to function as if it were entirely located in the free zone.

Lon jobs which imply processing of imported goods in order to import the thus processed product, with an increase in prices for the value of the service rendered.

Service activities:

  • consulting services
  • infrastructure services (water, electricity, telecommunications, land, construction, etc.)
  • providing the necessary documentation instead of the user.

FREE ZONE PRIBOJ wants to attract clients who are:

  • export-oriented and whose production requires imported materials
  • companies that mainly use imported components to assemble finished products intended for export or the domestic market
  • companies engaged in active and passive processing of imported goods
  • companies that perform lon operations
  • companies looking for distribution centers in the region...

The management of the city of Priboj makes a great effort to attract investors to Priboj. Each investor is approached with great respect and with the desire to respond to the investor's request.

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